Apr 10, 2020


Adamantium Bones 10 points

    With this power the bones have been overlayed with adamantium, a very hard material. These bones can no cripple or break. The Adamantium Bones increase the DR by 1 and two more at the skull.

Animal Senses

    Heightened Vision 5 points
    You can double the usual distance a human can see.

    See GURPS Basic Set.

    Heightened Hearing 5 points
    You are able to hear very faint sounds, +1 initiative.

    Sonar 5 points
    Any negative modification due to darkness is reduced by one.

    Heightened Smell 10 points
    Tracking skill +2, sense extreme emotions at IQ, but this might be unreliable.

    Heightened Touch 5 points
    You may recognize very slight differences in texture and you get +1 to perform delicate actions like picking locks and sleight of hands.

Bend Light 50 points

    This powers includes:
    1. May Parry Laser with any Parry-skill
    2. Infrared and Ultraviolet Vision
    3. Separate the color bands of light to produce a colored beam or radiate about 70 watts of light (enough to light up a 10x10ft room). Possible colors are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, as well as ultraviolet and infrared. Beam range is 35 yards. Does no damage

Body Cache 5 points/level

    Body Cache advantage enables a character to store things in his body up to a weight of 5lbs*level.. A characters body cache level cannot be higher than HT/3 and he must be able to carry the weight, too. There is no way to see the hidden objects via natural/mechanical vision powers except roentgen.

Body Control

Body of Demon 50/100/150/200 points

    1. Lesser Demon (50 points):
      Fire and Heat do no damage.
      Magic does tripple damage
      +20 points for Wings - flight - glide
      Horror: others have to do a fright-check
      +10 points for +1 attack
      HT+4, DR+8
      16+5 feet tall, cannot use bows and long range weapons
    2. Demon (100 points): like lesser demon except:
      Magic: Damagex2
      Fright check -3
      +1 attack
      Claws II at level 2
      Appearance -5
    3. Greater Demon (200 points): like demon except:
      Magic does normal damage
      PD 3, HT +8, ST+4, DX+2, Appearance -5
      Horror: -5/-7 under 10' tall
      No damage from modern weapons
      Claws II at level 4
      Teeth II at level 2
      3d6+6 feet tall
      Regeneration 1
    4. Demon Lord (200 points): like greater demon except:
      Magic does half damage
      PD 4, HT+8, ST+5,DX+3, Appearance -5, DR 36
      Breathe Fire at level 2
      May take 3 Necromancer spells at 18
      Regeneration 2

Body of Diamond 12 points/level

    Your body is composed of diamond. You get PD 1 for 3 levels (maximum 8) and DR 2 per level. With a regrowth advantage you can be a very rich person :)

Body of Obzidean 15 points/level

    Your body is composed of diamond. You get PD 1 for 3 levels (maximum 12) and DR 3per level.

Body of Undead

Claws II (Adamantium Claws) 10/40+10/15 per level

    This power is only available to characters who also have adamantium bones. These claws may be purchased doing crush thrust damage at 10 points plus a +1 damage bonus for 10 points each (eg +2 cost 20 etc). Or they may be purchased doing cut/swing, impale/thrust damage at 40 points plus a +1 damage bonus for 15 points each (eg +2 cost 30 etc).

Computer Brain 15points/level

    Your brain functions like a computer, so you can store informations, do calculations, etc. The memory of the computer brain is 1 megabyte per level.

Continuum Control

Control Hell 175/275/350/450 points

    You are able to summon a lesser/normal/greater/lord demon who is build upon 100+lesser demon advantage/150+normal demon/200+greater/250+lord points. You can call the demon HT/3 times a day and it stays for 10 minutes.You lose HT/5 hit points per call.

Control Undead


Dual Brain 20 points

    This advantage increases your effective IQ by 50 0f you use logical based IQ skills like Mathmatics, Computer Programming etc(GM decision)

    Limitation: -25 0f the second brain is visible (larger head than normal), -1 reaction

Entropy Magnification

Exhibition 15 points

    You are able to use your fighting skills in a very impressive way. Opponents see you doing your show must make a IQ roll. If they fail, they avoid confrontation with you, they run away on a critical failure. Regardless of the outcome of the dice roll, your side always has initiative.

Field Manipulation

Homing Ability 15 points per person

    You are able to sense a person you want to find. You have to roll below Will minus the range in miles divided by 100 rounded down.

    Example: You want to sense your body, who is 10 miles away. So the range is 10 miles divided by 100 equals 0.1 or 0, so you have to roll below Will, at a range of 100 miles Will -1, range 200 miles Will -2 and so on.


Mass Variation: Other

Mass Variation: Self

Mechano Link

Mental Duplication 15 + 3 for each additional minute

    You must take 3 turns to analyze mental skills of another character. After that you may temprarily copy these skills for 1 minute (additional minutes cost 3 points each). You may copy one or more of these skill permanently if you pay one unused skill point each.

Mental Stun

Mutant Healing Factor 200pts

    You regain lost HT extremely fast at a rate of 2HT/turn. Your are not dead unless you have reached -5*HT. If you are below 0 HT you do not have to roll if you die!

Photographic Reflexes 15 + 3 for each additional minute

    You must take 3 turns to analyze physical skills when seen in use by other people. After that you may temprarily copy these skills for 1 minute (additional minutes cost 3 points each).You may copy one or more of these skill permanently if you pay one unused skill point each.


Probability Manipulation

Radar Senses

Super Healing Factor 300 points

Teleport 5 points/level

    This advantage is actually the Teleport PSI power. You have to buy the teleport mental heavy skill also. Look at the table in the PSI-section to find out how far you can teleport and how much you can carry.

Unstoppable 200/250 points

    A character with the Unstoppable Advantage is completely unstoppable, which means no physical force or object can stop the character while running. The power takes a 20 yard running distance to activate for 200 points and 10 yards cost 250 points.

    If the character runs into a physical object, he completely breaks through it without taking damage! Some forces of course may stop the character - but even then he takes no damage.

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